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The Women’s Committee is organising a Drug Awareness Campaign on the 4th of December 2009. The event will be hosted at the Siva Aalayam temple hall in Ruth Road Rylands estate between 6:30pm till about 9:30pm. This promises to be a very interesting and topical evening, with keynote speakers such as Ellen Pakkies, Inspector Ian Bennett of the Athlone Police Station and Royston Bennett of Active Social Assistance  providing various first hand perspectives to a problem that touches every one of us in the community, directly or indirectly.

The subject of substance abuse tends to be treated as a taboo topic, with affected residents and their family members often unwilling to seek out help, for fear of stigmatization by the community, and the effect on their reputations. The Women’s Committee hope that through this event, individuals, families and the community begin to talk openly with one another about this problem, and that a supportive community response is formed which will allow those in need of help to reach out.

To encourage wider involvement and participation, posters will be placed in schools,  community notice boards  and local businesses, and an email will be sent to various schools in the Cape Town area. One of the committee’s affiliate members, was interviewed by Ayesha Laatoe on Voice of the Cape Radio on 19 November. and further notices will appear in community papers.

Committee member Morgan Vesty has secured from publishers New Africa Books,  a generous donation of several copies of Tenderly Taming Teenagers by Liz Cowan. The author is a UCT Social Work graduate, with extensive experience in working with adolescents who are at risk of becoming involved with gangsters and/or drug abuse. Morgan’s husband, Alan Vesty, together with Cambridge University Press, have also jointly donated copies of Talking About Drugs, a title from their brand-new South African reading series, Rainbow Reading. Fifty copies of Talking About Drugs will be given away for free to Educators attending the event (one copy per person).

Discounted copies of both the above books, as well as refreshments will be available for purchase at the event – with all profits going  towards funding the Women’s Committee programmes and ongoing activities.

For more information on this event, please contact:

  • Premie        082 674 2567 
  • Shireen       082 754 0486
  • Madhuka   082 456 2193
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  1. November 25, 2009 4:49 pm

    Thanks very much Curly! NB: To get better visibility for announcements, rather use the ‘Community Noticeboard’ page next time! ‘The Upcoming Events’ page (this page) will feature upcoming events organised by the Women’s Committee, and could stay static for some time. I’m copying your announcement to that page now, and have added a ‘date to diarise’ note.

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